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Meet the UCM Board President and Staff

Executive Director: Darnell Tingle


Darnell Tingle is a dedicated ordained preacher who has been impacted by the affects of the criminal justice and penal system. And since than he has felt a profound calling towards prophetic work, advocating for criminal justice reform, environmental racism, and equity in his community. With over 15 years of experience in organizing and activism, Darnell has become known for his innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to social change. Darnell's journey in championing the rights of workers and community members spans more than a decade and a half. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in various union and community organizations, including ACORN, SEIU (Service Employees International Union), and Unite Here. Through his involvement with these organizations, Darnell has led numerous initiatives aimed at empowering individuals to find their voice and advocate for fair working conditions, just compensation, and the preservation of their communities. He has been at the forefront of fights against gentrification, ensuring that marginalized voices are heard and respected in the face of rapid urban development. Darnell's advocacy extends beyond labor rights to encompass broader social justice issues, including the right to vote. He has been instrumental in mobilizing communities to participate in the democratic process, fighting against voter suppression tactics, and advocating for accessible and equitable voting rights for all. Darnell is known for his innovative approach to organizing, employing strategic tactics to effect meaningful change. Whether it's through grassroots mobilization, coalition-building, or leveraging technology for advocacy, Darnell consistently seeks out new and creative ways to amplify the voices of those he represents. As an ordained preacher, Darnell sees his activism as an extension of his spiritual calling. He believes in the power of collective action guided by principles of compassion, justice, and equality. Drawing inspiration from his faith, Darnell brings a moral clarity to his work, infusing it with a sense of purpose and conviction. Darnell Tingle's legacy is one of tireless dedication to the pursuit of justice and equality. Through his leadership, countless individuals have been empowered to stand up for their rights and demand accountability from those in power. His commitment to building a more just society serves as an inspiration to all who strive for positive social change.

Donna Brooks-Sanders, President
Southern Mission Missionary Baptist Church

East St. Louis, IL
Larry Evans, Vice President
New Bethel United Methodist Church
Glen Carbon, IL
Mike Bedesky
St. Louis, MO

Rev. Charles Burton
Unity Fellowship Church
Godfrey, IL

Father Carroll Mizicko
St. Augustine of Hippo
East St. Louis, IL

Larry Hopkins
Southern Mission Missionary Baptist Church
East St. Louis, IL

Virginia Woulfe-Beile
Sierra Club - Piasa Palisades
Alton, IL

Rev. Brian Sauder
Faith in Place
Chicago, IL

Dr. Sajiya Jalil
St. Clair Masjid & Education Center
O'Fallon, IL

Board of Directors 

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