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NTOSAKE is a leadership development program for women and was formed in 1993 by a group of women within the Gamaliel Network, a faith-based community of organizing groups. These women saw the need to provide a space for women that are "bold, life-giving and affirming" and that recognizes their spirituality and special gifts. 

The name NTOSAKE comes from a South African dialect that translates as "She who walks among lions" or "She who carries her own things." Each Gamaliel affiliate is encouraged to form a pride made up of women that serves as a training and agitation table. Each pride helps their women to overcome the barriers that prevent them from being the powerful and effective leaders that the Creator intended them to be. 

Local prides work together as the National NTOSAKE, which brings together women once a year for a retreat. The National NTOSAKE curriculum centers on developing "power women" who create and envision a future in which women develop and raise their public voices, model public and political roles that dismantle the current dominant narrative about women, build communities across lines of race and class, and create pathways of change. Read more about NTOSAKE.

UCM developed a local pride in 2019 with Stephanie Taylor (now an organizer) as the first President. All women who belong to UCM congregations and organizations or who are individual members are invited to participate in our NTOSAKE Pride. Here they will find support, mentorship, and accountability. Each member is asked to invest in their development through dues of $60 per year. If you have any questions, please contact the current President.

UCM NTOSAKE Pride Positions

President - Vacant

Secretary - Angie Sweetland 

Treasurer - Barbara Pridgen

UCM Board of Directors NTOSAKE Representative - Vacant

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