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Integrated Voter Engagement

UCM works to increase the number of voters that lead to policy changes that affect their communities.  Although UCM focuses on certain issues affecting its surrounding communities, its focus is non-partisan. 


UCM just wants people to feel empowered and know that they can make a difference and affect things happening in their communities.

UCM focuses on developing community leaders to work with and in the voting process of each community.

Illinois Issues of Importance

Temporary Visitor Driver's License (TVDL)

The issue that is being presented is this documentation clearly shows that the individual holding this card is an immigrant resident in the state of Illinois and are experiencing discrimination because of it. Individuals holding this card are wanting the state of Illinois to make this card look like the driver's license of US citizens so that is it isn't as evident that this is a temporary card. Another issue is that this card is not a valid form of identification and cannot be used for activities such as boarding an airplane, entering into a federal building, or voting. Rights that all citizens should be able to do without hardship. No one should be treated different because of their citizenship.

On May 25th, HB3882 passed the Senate and the TVDL will be a general driver's license that can be used as form of identification in the state of Illinois. 

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