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Granite City Cluster

Granite City Area Cluster Congregations:

  • First United Presbyterian Church

  • St. John United Church of Christ

Cluster Chair: Linda Aud

Areas Covered:  Granite City, Madison, and Venice
Location: First United Presbyterian Church 2160 Delmar Ave., Granite City, IL
Contact: Linda Aud (618) 406-2984 

The Granite City Cluster continues its efforts to improve the health of the environment as they work with Granite City on the progression of the city-wide Cool Cities initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

Linda Aud has been the Cluster Chair in years past and continues to do a great job alongside her husband, Ken Aud. UCM has taken a vested interest in rebuilding our Granite City Cluster to continue the work the Aud's have developed as well as address other social justice issues in the area.

If you would like to join in the work within Granite City, please contact for more information.




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