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The History of United Congregations of Metro East

United Congregations of Metro East (UCM) was established in early 2000 by six different churches with technical assistance and training from the Gamaliel Foundation. Since 2000, UCM has grown to represent over 34 congregations and community organizations with approximately 27,000 members. Our member congregations represent the full range of communities in southwestern Illinois including urban, suburban, and rural communities. We are a faith-based, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, and multi-economic group of individuals, congregations, and organizations who come together for one cause...justice! 



Who is United Congregations of Metro East?

United Congregations of Metro East (UCM) is a group of pastors, church members, and other community organizations throughout the St. Louis Metro East who work together on social justice issues. UCM is divided into clusters or "groupings" based on location. Currently, our cluster make-up includes: East St. Louis, IL, O'Fallon, IL, Granite City, IL, and a reconstruction of the Alton, IL cluster. 

What is the Mission of United Congregations of Metro East

To be a powerful organization committed to combating the root cause of systemic injustice in our region by uniting people of faith in transforming our communities.

What does United Congregations of Metro East do?

United Congregations of Metro East (UCM) provides training and resources to help people uncover their power and come together to change their circumstances. UCM is deisgned to address social injustice in our region by bringin together participants to make an impact in our surrounding communities.

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