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Throughout Illinois’ 2022 legislative session, the Pretrial Fairness Act was met with several attempts to repeal it or lessen its impact fueled by misinformation and lies. Fortunately, thousands of people across Illinois came together to successfully defend the law from rollbacks. In the final hours of session, the House rushed to vote on a bill that would have weakened the rights granted to those on electronic monitoring and delayed the law’s data collection requirements. However, the Senate had already adjourned, preserving the Pretrial Fairness Act until reconvening for veto session in November. Since its passing, thousands of people have been granted essential movement at least two days a week, with 99% success rate in Cook County. The Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice stands committed to reducing pretrial jailing and increasing community safety through the successful implementation of this act. We know that our communities will stand together against any further attacks on the Pretrial Fairness Act.  

Pretrial Fairness Act


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