O'Fallon Area Cluster


Cluster Chair: Cheryl Sommer

Areas Covered:  O'Fallon, Lebanon, Belleville, Fairview Heights
Saturday Mornings 
Meeting Location: Various congregations in the O'Fallon area
Contact: Cheryl Sommer at 618-624-2838 or email us at ucmetroeast@gmail.com


The O’Fallon Cluster is working on focused on Safe and Affordable Housing. They have gained community support and their progress on attracting a quality mixed-income housing development to O’Fallon is proving to be quite timely. On June 25, 2014, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital announced plans to begin building a new hospital in O’Fallon later this year. This hospital will need many lower wage employees–housekeeping, food service, and CNAs to name a few. These vital workers need to have decent and safe housing for their families that is affordable for their salaries.

A mixed-income housing development can be attractive and allows workers of various incomes to live side by side just as they work side by side at their jobs. Not only workers and their families benefit but cities benefit because their employees will tend to spend their money at grocery stores and other businesses in the city where they work. Employers benefit because their employees have a shorter commute and are more likely to stay on longer as employees.

The UCM Cluster has been meeting with the nation’s leading for-profit developer of mixed-income housing. This developer has an excellent reputation in our area. Their housing is visually attractive and is well-maintained. As property managers this company also has a proven record for helping workers and their families to advance economically and socially.

The developer met with UCM Cluster representatives and with O’Fallon Mayor Gary Graham and with Planning and Zoning Director Ted Shekell. All in the meeting shared a desire to bring a mixed-income housing development from this developer into O’Fallon. Exploration into funding this project has now begun. We look forward to continued progress in O’Fallon being a leader in bringing this type of housing to our area.
Education also continues to be a concern to the O’Fallon Cluster. We support reform of education funding that will benefit all children and be fair to tax payers.




O'Fallon Area Cluster Congregations:

  • Community of Christ Church

  • New Life in Christ Church

  • O’Fallon UCC

  • St. Nicholas Catholic Church

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