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Uniting Faith, Community and Power


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UCM's Mission

is to be a powerful organization committed to combating the root cause of systemic injustice in our region by uniting people of faith in transforming our communities.


UCM has worked tirelessly alongside other grassroot and state organizations to pass legislations that will benefit all Illinois citizens and improve the wellbeing of our children.

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Juvenile Fees & Fines passes Senate & House

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Temporary Visitor's License (TVDL) passes Senate & House

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Educator pipeline budget will recieve over $1 Billion in funds for education funding

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At United Congregations of Metro East, we believe in the power of faith to create lasting and meaningful change. We are a vibrant organization based in Southwestern Illinois that works to address social, racial, and economic issues in our community. We organize people of faith to be a voice and movement for change and equity in the Metro East. Through organizing people directly impacted by systemic injustices, we strive to amplify their voices and bring about progress toward equity.

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We have a track record on issues and winning. Our solution is to  organize people and resources to strategically engage those in power (Government officials, Politicians, Business owners, etc) to affect change. We organize congregations, people and other organizations to pursue justice in order to build and create the beloved community for the common good.

We measure our success by issues won!

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