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Located in Southwestern Illinois, United Congregations of Metro East is a lively and active organization committed to systemic change for people and communities faced with social, racial and economic challenges. We organize people of faith to be a voice and movement for change and equity in the Metro East. We believe that it our duty as people of faith to build power by organizing people directly impacted by the systemic issues that impact the common good.

United  Congregations of Metro East (UCM) is an interfaith, multiracial community organization. UCM's coalition of congregations transcend the divisive barriers of race, economic status, religion, partisan politics, and geography to unite in a powerful voice for justice. We believe all citizens deserve to have a voice in the decisions that affect the quality of their lives. Our mission is to eliminate the root causes of systemic injustice in our region.

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We have a track record on issues and winning. Our solution is to  organize people and resources to strategically engage those in power (Government officials, Politicians, Business owners, etc) to affect change. We organize congregations, people and other organizations to pursue justice in order to build and create the beloved community for the common good.

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Learn about UCM's NTOSAKE Pride or make dues payments if you're already a member.

We've joined thousands of organizations in the St. Louis Metropolitan area for Give STL Day. On May 5, help us reach our goal of $5,000 to keep combating systemic injustice in the St. Louis Metro East!

We measure our success by issues won!