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Finalmente hemos publicado nuestra Guía e Informe de la Comunidad 2021. Perdónanos por la demora. ¡Pronto comenzaremos a recopilar las presentaciones de 2022 para nuestra Guía anual de la comunidad! Ya sea que haya participado antes o si esta es su primera vez, lo invitamos a publicitar su organización, su negocio, su lugar de culto, su familia o simplemente usted mismo. Hojee el libro del año pasado a continuación y, cuando esté listo, haga clic en el icono del lápiz para completar el formulario en línea para participar en nuestra Guía de la comunidad 2022. Todos los ingresos se destinan a los costos operativos generales de United Congregations of Metro East.

  • MASK in crowded indoor spaces

  • Vaccinate to protect from severe illness and hospitalization

  • Get Boosted when eligible

  • Test immediately after exposure or onset of COVID like symptoms

  • Start Treatment immediately after testing positive for COVID-19

Informe y guía de la comunidad 2021

To find out the COVID-19 community level:

  • Determine whether a county, state, or territory has fewer than 200 new cases per 100,000 people in the past 7 days or 200 new cases or more per 100,000 people in the past 7 days.

  • Determine the level for the new admissions and inpatient beds and indicators using the scale for the area's number for new cases.

  • The COVID-19 Community Level is based on the higher of the new admissions and inpatient beds metrics.

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Masks and Mobile Phones

Are you vaccinated and need access to your vaccination verification records?

If you have a digital device and an email address, you can access your records anytime and anywhere with a touch of a button, you just have to create an account first.

If you think you've been exposed to COVID or are experiencing some questionable symptoms, please get tested to verify your possible infection. Click the button below to locate testing sites in your area. 

Drive-through Testing

If you're unvaccinated and would like to get vaccinated or if you are eligible for a booster but unsure of where to go, click the button below to find vaccination locations in your area or get information on the vaccination process.

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