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Your giving to United Congregations of Metro East will support us in our many endeavors. Here's just a small portion of what UCM and it's staff does.

United Congregations of Metro East (UCM) has a lot of moving parts. UCM has been working diligently to get a few legislations passed over the past few years. Successfully, we have seen the Pretrial Fairness Act and the Climate & Equity Jobs Act pass into legislation between 2020 and 2021. This would not have been possibly without the efforts put forth by organizations like UCM coming together in the state of Illinois demanding better. 

Locally, UCM is working with the residents in East St. Louis Public Housing, organizing them to get what they've paid for and what they deserve. The work is tough, but rewarding. These residents are older and have worked their entire lives only to be treated with disrespect and live in poor conditions. Community Organizer, Stephanie Taylor, is challenging them to use their voices to take back their power and demand for better.

Community Organizer, Marie Franklin, led the Pretrial Fairness Campaign in our region. Her hard work and dedication led to the PFA being passed. Though the PFA passed, the work has only begun. She also played a key part in getting the Climate & Equity Jobs Act legislation passed by training volunteers to contact Illinois residents and inform them about this bill. 

Our newly added Environmental Justice Organizer, JD Dixon is no stranger to organizing. He has been with us for a short time and has already stepped in and stepped up. We're sure to see a lot from JD. 

Dean Mosley, our Digital Organizer, keeps us up-to-date on all things social! Having real time communications will keep our donor base and volunteers informed and engaged with all that is happening at UCM. We are doing a lot and it gets hard to keep it all together but with Dean's expertise, we will rise.

Our most excellent leader, Rev. Michael Atty (Executive Director) works hard at keeping us informed about what is going on around us and keeps us grounded in the work that we do. Maintaining this team of leaders is no easy feat, but Mike does a great job.

Last, but not least, our Organizational Administrator, Rev. Stefanie Ward, keeps the UCM blood flowing. She organizes the organizers and makes sure UCM has everything that it needs in order to support our communities and fight for legislations necessary to change for the better.

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