Fiesta del Sol

UCM Staff along with other in-state affiliate staff will join Gamaliel Metro Chicago (GMC) and Pilsen Neighbors Community Council (PNCC) in their 50th Anniversary of Fiesta del Sol, the largest Latin festival in the mid-west! Fiesta del Sol begins Thursday, July 28th and will end on the evening of Sunday, July 31st. 

We are so excited to link up with our northern affiliate and get first hand training on putting together a massive cultural experience. Our goal in this is to bring back what we've learned to create an awesome cultural experience in our respective areas. UCM looks forward to launching such experience in East St. Louis, IL in the coming year. 

Not only is this a time to celebrate and enjoy culture with community, but it's a great time to educate our communities on the issues that are directly and indirectly effecting local families. This is also a great time to network with other organizations impacting our communities positively. 

To find out more about Fiesta del Sol, visit their website. If you're available, travel up to the Chicago area for an experience unlike any other!