Gamaliel of Illinois and Iowa 

"We the People"

Sunday, March 8, 2020

"Vote Truth to Power", what does that mean? Aren't you tired of having people in office that make outlandish statements about what they will do for you and the country and never come through? We've been voting false to power, fake to power, lie to power, and imposter to power for far too long. It's time to ask those hard questions and get honest answers. 

Gamaliel of Illinois and Iowa (United Congregations of Metro East in Cahokia, IL, Gamaliel of Metro Chicago in Chicago, IL, Faith Coalition of the Common Good in Springfield, IL, and Quad Cities Interfaith in Davenport, IA) presents “We the People” on Sunday, March 8, 2020. “We the People” is designed to provide directly impacted people who work year-round at the grassroots level the opportunity to bring their issues directly to local, state, and presidential candidates and allow average citizens to hear the candidates’ views on the issues that impact their lives. The issues we will present are Transformational Justice, Education, Immigration, and Environmental Justice. In January, we traveled to Davenport, IA to meet and discuss these issues with the 2020 Presidential Candidates. During that time, we extended an invitation to each Presidential Candidate to come visit us in East St. Louis, IL to further discuss these issues. That time is now.

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