This year can be the year that Illinois passes legislation establishing an actionable plan that would move us forward in achieving our goal of becoming 100% clean energy and having an equitable future for all Illinoisans.


In order to make this happen, we need you and as many other passionate environmentalists as possible. So, join us for our 2020 Clean Energy Lobby Day to show our elected officials how many of us care about tackling climate change.

Click here to register your spot to go to the Clean Energy Lobby Day on March 4th! We have buses leaving from East St. Louis, IL and Hamel, IL. Once you register you will receive a follow up email letting you know where to meet. Closer to the event, you will receive an itinerary specifying what time to be there.

CEJA addresses climate change head-on by leading Illinois to 100% clean energy, decarbonizing our power sector, electrifying our transportation sector, and providing economic development and job opportunities across the state.  Our opponents have money, power and influence in Springfield, so your representatives need to hear from you directly on this.

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