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Event Details

9:00 AM - Event begins at McKinley Bridge Roadside Park - Check-in and registration
9:20 AM - Walk begins across the McKinley Bridge*
9:35 AM - Moment of silence at the Illinois / Missouri border
9:45 AM - Press conference at the view overlooking Wharf St. (Missouri side)
10:00 AM - Return walk to McKinley Bridge Roadside Park (Illinois side)
10:20 AM - Food and celebration (free tacos, tamales, cold treats, and water will be provided)
11:00 AM - Event end

*Note: A vehicle motorcade will be provided for attendees who would prefer to drive across the bridge. Attendees are also invited to stay at McKinley Bridge Roadside Park through the duration of the event.

Total walking distance (there and back): 1.6 miles 

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See you on the river!