2021 UCM Bi-Annual Banquet

UCM: 20 Years Strong - Just Getting Started

March 2022

Though the banquet is cancelled, we still invite you to celebrate the work of United Congregations of Metro East (UCM) and honor local leaders and sustainers.

Award Recipients

Saint Helen Stumpe Award

Larry Evans

The Saint Helen Stumpe Award is given at each banquet to a UCM leader who reflects the spirit of Helen Stumpe, one of our original leaders who always spoke the truth with wisdom and love. 

Micah Award

Toni Oplt
Joslyn Sandifer

The Micah Award is given at each banquet to two community leaders; one from Madison County and one from St. Clair County. The recipients of the Micah Award act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God.

We welcome you to join us in honoring our award recipients in any of the following ways:

Submit a Congratulatory Message

For $25, you may submit a message up to 280 characters to one award recipient to be included in our Community Guidebook.

Submit an AD in their honor

Purchase an AD to be included in our Community Guidebook dedicated to one or more of the award recipients. 1/8 page - Full page